Google My Business

Your Google Business Page can give your location and website more visibility to a massive amount of people locally. Since Google maps listings now appear at the top of the searches, this is the most important place to appear. Your GMB listing uses Local SEO that can help your page to be featured first in an internet search, instead of your competitors. It has the potential to be more effective than social media platforms. Local SEO helps to optimize your GMB to appear in the top search for your type of business in your particular area. For instance, say you have a doctor’s office in Jacksonville, Florida. If your page has been optimized well with Local SEO, it can appear in the top 3 doctor’s listings that come up when anyone searches for “Jacksonville Doctors”. This will give your business lots of exposure and make you easily discovered through the power of the internet. GMB is a great tool to help promote your business and present you before your competitors. Our service offers weekly posts as well as building out your page to show all your information, products, and/or services. If your offering a sale or event, we will promote that for you through our GMB service.

Our offer is to build your Google Business Page and help you move up towards the “3 Pack” using Local SEO. If you have a large amount of competition, it may take more time to move your page to the the top 3 listings than businesses with fewer competitors. Below are a few examples of our results with optimizing our clients Google Business Pages.